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By applying CloudUltra®, the Huayun private cloud platform, effectively integrates heterogeneous resources, making resources elastic and flexible, improving resource utilization and reducing resource reserves. Cost of retention, unified management and operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, DataUltraTM, Huayun Data Big Data Service Platform, helps enterprises build a complete big data system, and obtain real value from massive data information, timely insight into opportunities and prevent risks. After the project is completed, the unified management and operation and maintenance of resources are realized, and the resource procurement cycle is shortened from minutes to minutes. The utilization of IT resources is increased by 65%, the labor cost of operation and maintenance is reduced by 50%, the efficiency of business data analysis is doubled, and the planning cycle is shortened by 50%.

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Huayun Data deploys an independent private cloud platform for Ipsos. The software and hardware involved in the platform are exclusive resources of Ipsos, providing high-performance, high-reliability and high-security cloud platform for Ipsos, saving more than 80% of deployment time. At the same time, the private cloud service model is hosted 7*24 hours, and all systems on the virtual server platform maintaining its business application continue to operate stably. In terms of security, it meets the high international standards for SLA, and the business continuity is improved to 10, and the intelligent operation and maintenance real-time monitoring platform resources and network operation status increase the work efficiency by 60%.

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In 2017, Shanghai Lingang built the country's first city-level BIM+GIS big data platform, and Huayun Data provided the underlying cloud computing services as the power behind it. Huayun Data CloudUltra® private cloud computing solution + 3D image remote push cloud desktop solution, copy the city's geographic and architectural information, build a virtual city supporting massive BIM + GIS data, perceive the city's running pulse, and can develop the city's future Conducting deductions and predictions has become a pioneering pilot of the brains of Chinese smart cities. At present, the platform is running stably, the work efficiency is increased by 40%, the operation and maintenance management cost is reduced by 50%, and the resource utilization rate is increased by 45%.

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Huayun Data CloudUltra® Private Cloud Platform enables the Supercomputing Center to complete the full-process services such as production-level cloud platform planning, deployment, joint debugging, testing, online, commissioning and training within one month. Successfully built a cloud computing platform with a scale of thousand nodes, and began to support the business systems of the supercomputing center to operate safely, reliably and stably. It has undertaken new applications such as rendering of super-center customers and some applications of the original platform, resource utilization. And its operation efficiency has been greatly improved. Supporting the super-computing center can provide on-demand high-quality resource services 24/7, and it has the characteristics of high flexibility, low cost, strong expandability, and avoidance of vendor lock-up.

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Huayun assisted Jiangsu Suzhong Construction Group Co., Ltd. in migrating its IT environment to Huayun Public Cloud to realize the flexible expansion of business resources, disaster recovery (including local and remote) automation, data reliability, application availability, etc. Our public cloud services can be quickly generated and applied to production environments, reducing delivery time by 40% and improving data reliability to 99.99%. The on-demand purchase and flexible payment of IT resources is a business model that helps companies to reduce one-time procurement costs; professional security and disaster recovery services are offered.

With CloudIDC™, Huayun has built a scalable, secure, and flexible customized cloud service platform for China Speech Valley, which can provide customized services for different enterprises. Huayun Industrial Park Cloud offers diverse cloud portal support as it is compatible with multiple billing modes. In addition, the park managed to increase its basic resource utilization rate by 70%-80% and enable the scalability of resources, with the integrated monitoring screen helping to improve O&M and management efficiency by three times, and automatic identification of accidents by 60%.

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The Huayun CloudUltra® was applied to the Anhui Welfare Lottery Private Cloud Platform project, involving the unified management on bare-metals and virtualization platforms, and the delivery of underlying resources according to a service catalog for end users. By streamlining IT, the platform has increased application deployment efficiency by 40%, and server resource utilization by more than 75%. Flexible and elastic, the system can be expanded on demand, providing continuous business protection in a multi-angle and all-round manner to fully meet future needs.

Based on the CloudUltra®, Huayun secured a holistic cloud IDC solution for a bureau under the Ministry of Public Security, rapidly delivering cloud resources to its internal cloud desktop system and case investigation & analysis system; enabling the performance required for a cloud resource pool – supply on demand, elastic support and adaptability to varied application scenarios; and realizing the unified management over resources pools at different places. Thus the rapid, flexible delivery and unified management of computing, storage and network resources were ensured. The automatic orchestration function has greatly improved the efficiency of O&M personnel and the success rate of delivery system; the stable system and high-performance IO offered desirable security and case processing efficiency in the daily work of the bureau.

Based on the CloudUltra®, Huayun built a private cloud platform for China Ordins Group Co., Ltd., offering continual, scalable and manageable services while ensuring the high reliability, availability and security of the platform. Compared with the traditional model, the platform has increased the infrastructure utilization rate by over 75%, with data reliability reaching 99.9%. The flexible newly-built system can be expanded as needed to cope with future needs.

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The School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) adopted Huayun’s Private Cloud for Enterprises CloudUltra® and Private Object Storage StorUltra® as technical foundation to rapidly build an academic information platform, a teaching training platform, an education resource sharing & storage zone, network connectivity and a cloud service portal, and deployed customized solutions on top of them. After the academic administration system was moved on cloud, the School managed to schedule and manage resources in a unified manner, and shorten the service response time by 40%. At the same time, the intensive information infrastructure has improved the management and O&M efficiency by 80%, eliminated data silo, and increased the sharing of teaching resources by 70%.

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Huayun leveraged the CloudUltra® private cloud platform to provide integrated platform services from IaaS to PaaS for Jinjia Group, and set up “smart packaging”, “industrial IoT” and other businesses based on the all-cloud platform, and helped it offer digital services to consumers through QR code and IoT access technology. The industrial IoT private cloud platform has raised the IT resource utilization rate of Jinjia Group data center by 70%-80%, cut infrastructure cost by 40%, and improved automatic identification of monitoring screen faults by 60%, greatly promoting O&M efficiency, system stability, and business continuity.

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Huayun provided a full range of cloud computing solutions based on the actual needs of Wuxi Metro, which have showed obvious advantages in improving resource utilization, maintenance efficiency, cost reduction and business innovation. The IT resources utilization rate in Wuxi Metro data center has increased from 30% to 70%-80%, and its management efficiency has increased by 3 times; the use of QR code at ticket-check has reached up to 40%, which greatly reduces the purchase of ticket vending machines and the consumption of traditional metro tickets.

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The Unicorn company Huayun Data Group Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with cloud computing services featuring “independence, secure and controllable”, with an aim to help users enhance IT capabilities and achieve business transformation with cloud computing. Huayun Data offers enterprise users customized private cloud solutions, as well as “all-cloud” services covering hybrid cloud, big data, hyper-converged infrastructure, public cloud, and cloud IDC. Since its establishment in 2010, Huayun has been trying to gain insights into the needs of enterprise users and industry characteristics. It is a cloud computing service provider that keeps pursuing excellence, and thus has been recognized as the private cloud leader and hybrid cloud expert in China.

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